Dojo Courses

Leave our Dojo with the skill level of a Senior Web Developer

Blue Belt



The building blocks and heart of the web.   This is the most important element to the web since it began. You will learn all of today's HTML4/5 standards.


Or Cascading StyleSheets as they are known.  Learn how to make your HTML "pretty".

Web Servers

Learn how to get your code ONLINE so the world can see.  We'll teach how the web works and how to publish your creative ninja masterpieces to an internet server.

Web Forms

Capture input from the users with web forms.  This is the start to making your apps interactive and dynamics. An important lesson to finish your Blue Belt Level.

Green Belt



Supercharge your CSS and Web Form skills.  Learn how to use Bootstrap to make your applications work like magic on mobile devices. Done for you layouts and controls. By far the coolest part of the class.


Now you're ready to actually move to "scripting" to "coding". Javascript is the only coder language supported by all web browsers. It is by far the most popular.  We'll teach you basic tricks to get you throwing ninja-jscript with ease.


Wondering how the web just "remembers" stuff about you. Well behind those web applications are BRAINS... or simply databases.  We'll teach you the 1,2,3s of storing information on the web.

PHP-Server Code

Complete your Green Belt level and be ready for an actual JOB coding.  We'll teach you PHP which is another programming only used on web servers. This is the most popular server-side language.  Don't know what server-side means... We'll teach you that too 🙂

Brown Belt


Advanced Javascript

Keeping the JS (javascript) juices flowing! We'll teach you another round of master skills. Learn more programming principles and concept you can use in other languages.


This is today's HOT-TOPIC in the world of web development. We'll give you a foundation to be in-demand.

JSON/Web Services

Learn how the international language of web servers. JSON is the standard for passing information between computers. Trust me much easier than it sounds. Web services is movement of JSON across the web.

Advanced PHP

Take what you've learn and build something awesome. This website you are on right now contains everything you've learned!! Get advance server programming knowledge with deep dive into PHP.

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